Defending Your Rights

At G. Green Law Practice in Memphis, Tennessee, we defend the rights of people who have been accused of crimes, protecting their future, their finances and their freedom. We defend our clients accused of crimes such as:

  • Drunk driving/DUI
  • Suspended license and restoration
  • Drug charges
  • Weapons charges
  • Robbery
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault
  • Homicide
  • Expungement

Attorney Gerald Stanley Green has more than 35 years of experience fighting for his clients in both state and federal courts. He has worked on cases involving most major issues in criminal law. Still, he knows that to many of his clients, these issues are new. When you are his client, he fully explains your options and works with you to develop the best solutions and strategies available. He takes a genuine concern in his clients' well-being and makes sure he is accessible, returning phone calls and emails and keeping them up to date on the latest developments.

Why You Need An Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Most of us in the United States are familiar with the phrase "presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law," but only few people think about what that really means unless they have, themselves, been accused of a crime.

When you are under suspicion of having committed a crime, the police will do everything they can to find evidence against you and place you under arrest. Prosecutors will use the power of the government to win a conviction against you and impose the maximum penalties available.

The burden is on them to prove their case against you. You are presumed innocent and have the right to a defense. It is up to you to build the strongest, smartest defense you can. For that, you need the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

If you believe you will be accused of a crime, speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can, before you speak to the police or anyone else.

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If you have been accused of a crime, it's crucial that you speak to a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. Contact G. Green Law Practice today by calling 901-410-5959. You can also contact our office by email.